Super Cocktails! The Rum Leia N Nog

Super Cocktails!  The Rum Leia N Nog

Star Wars is here!  Star Wars is here!  Time to celebrate with a Star Wars themed cocktail.

For this cocktail I wanted to make a drink that was both festive fitting with the Holiday season but with a Star Wars twist.
Everyone loves Rum and Egg Nog over the holidays.  It is a simple cocktail that anyone can make and tastes great.   I decided to add something to the traditional cocktail, two small chocolate donuts.  The Donuts on each side resemble the iconic Princess Leia hair do from Star Wars 1 a New Hope.  Chocolate donuts also happen to go great with egg nog!

Bonus Point! come on at some point while watching Star Wars you thought Leia might actually have donuts adhered to her noggin.  You didn't think that?  Oh well Ok now I feel like a chunk.

 How to make the Rum Leia N Nog:

  • Pour a glass of Egg Nog leaving room for desired amount of Rum.  (I'll leave that up to you depending on whether your mother law is around you may want to alter that ratio).
  • Pour in Rum
  • Stir
  • Sprinkle on nut meg
  • Slide in Donuts on opposing sides

Eh viola!  La Run Egg Noggy Star Wars Drink!

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