Star Wars Christmas ideas!

With a new Star Wars movie coming out during the holiday season many are going to try to wrap in their love for the science fiction franchise with their holdiay.  Here are some ideas from my family to make your Christmas a Star Wars Christmas!

Darth Vader Yule Log:
Instead of having a normal crackling fire on your TV why not use this five hour video of Darth Vader's corpse roasting in a funeral pyre.

Star Wars Christmas Tree
I think a Star War Christmas tree is basically mandatory for a Star Wars Christmas.  There are tons of ornaments and decorations at stores as well as many fun craft ideas.  Some use Star Wars helments and even action figures as decorations for their trees.

Here are a few trees for inspiration.

Star Wars Christmas Cocktails:

Star Wars Treats:
Here are a couple of good ideas:

Use Molds for Star Wars Candy
There are Star Wars candy molds that you can use to make chocolate or ice cubes out of.

Dipped Pretzel lightsabers
Buy chocolate wafers in the colors of light sabers.  Heat the wafers in a microwave and then simply dip Pretzels into them.

More Star Wars!
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Who is Rey? 
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What is the First Order?
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