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Look up its a plane, no its a bird, no ahh Sh'BEEP its SIR KENT!

Rejoice: Sir Kent Addicts we have a cure to your addiction! Bare Nuckled film reviews by Sir Kent.

You know Sir Kent's no nonsense film reviews from Google+.  You have found yourself going to sleep at night in a cold sweat, shaking, because you need another fix of Sir Kent!  Well we are happy to report your sleepless nights are over!  Sir Kent will be adding some of his movie reviews to the Toylab blog.
At Toylab we are really excited about this and we hope all of you are too! and if your not you obviously have bad taste so we don't care!

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Guilty Pleasure Reviews:

Gulty Pleasures you know those things that you secretly love but don't want to tell anyone. You might not walk around wearing a Sucker Punch T-Shirt but secretly when know one is watching you flick it on and smile.  These are the reviews for you.  Sir Kent goes back through a collection of publicly unloved, films and finds the ones that still offer something special.

Sir Kent Theory Talk
Sir Kent has many fun fan theories from the comic world he wants to explore.  Find these posts beneath the hashtag #SirKentTheoryTalk on Twitter and Google+

Film Films:

New Television show Reviews:


Lucifer has been renewed for a Season 3.
According to network entertainment president John Madden in an interview with Hollywood Reporter:
“Lucifer is one of those rare shows that starts strong out of the gate, and just keeps getting better and better,”
 The third season of Lucifer is scheduled to begin in late 2017.
Into the Badlands

Thinking and Editorial:

New Year Resolutions!

Beer and a Movie reviews:

Coming Soon!

Who is Sir Kent?

Marvel Movie News - Updates, Speculation, and Reviews 

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