Who is Sherry in the Walking Dead?


Sherry is a Walking Dead character introduced as being a member of the Saviors.  In the Walking Dead TV series she is played by actress Christine Evangelista.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #105

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Sherry is introduced as one of the female concubines / wives of Negan the leader of the the group known as the Saviors.  It is revealed that she is the former wife of the Savior commander DwightDwight and Sherry traded her to Negan in order to move up the ranks of the Saviors.  Dwight is caught sleeping with Sherry and is punished by having his face burned with a red hot Iron.

Sherry is seen attempting to defend another of Negan's wives, Amber after she too slept with her former husband.

Dwight refuses to play Ping Pong with Negan.  Negan responds that he is ok with that because he is going to have sex with Sherry.  Negan walks past Dwight saying a parting lewd comment about what he is going to do Sherry.  It seems this event is the straw that breaks the camels back and leads Dwight to becoming a spy for Rick in their battle against Negan.


After All Out War, Negan is defeated.  Rick appoints Dwight as head of the Saviors.  Two years later, Dwight and Rick are discussing how things are going.  Dwight informs Rick that Sherry is no longer with him.  He says that Sherry is with a nice guy with a lot more face.  He says that despite their separation they are on good terms.

During the Whisper War, Sherry helps lead the Saviors away from the other communities.  She feels they should stop getting involved in the wars of the other communities.  She leads a team of Saviors that ambush Rick and his group after they finished off a big group of walkers.  While negociating with Rick, Sherry grows increasingly erractic and agitated that Rick is not afraid of her.  She attacks Rick with a knife and when he pushes her off she slaws her head against a table and seemingly dies.

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In the Walking Dead TV series she is played by actress Christine Evangelista.

In Season 6 episode called  "Always Accountable", Daryl is captured by a man named Dwight with a wife /girl friend named Sherry.  They are part of a different group that has strict and bizarre rules.  Part of the rules include trading.  The pair steal Daryl's crossbow and motorcycle.   As they leave Daryl tells them that, "They will be sorry."

During this episode the sister of Sherry is killed.  It is possible she was trying to escape being one of the "Wives" of Negan.

It is not clear if this Dwight is the same as the Dwight in the comics but there are some similarities. He has a wife named Sher which is similar to Sherry.  He also now possesses a crossbow like his comic character.

When Dwight appears later it is clear that his face was burned similar to his comic character.  It seems likely that Sherry is now one of the wives of Negan.  Dwight at some point had inappropriate contact with her which Negan brutally punished with the burning hot iron to the face ritual that he uses on Saviors who break his rules.


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