Who is Moon-Girl?

Who is Moon-Girl?

Moon-Girl is a Marvel hero who is a hyper intelligent, high school girl who inadvertently creates a device that transports Devil Dinosaur from another dimension. 

First Appearance: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 (2015)

Real Name: Lunella Lafayette

Species:  Human / Inhuman

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Lunella Lafayette is a brilliant teenager living in New York City.  Her parents worry about her inability of making friends and connecting with people at school.  While Lunella has intelligence far beyond her peers she struggles to make school interesting.  Her goal is to gain acceptance to a gifted school that can challenge her.

Further, burdening Lunella is her Inhuman ancestry that promises to alter in unknowable ways should she ever become exposed to Terrigen.


Lunella builds a device that creates a portal to Dinosaur World.  From this world come a group of caveman bad guys called the Killerfolk and the giant dinosaur hero, Devil Dinosaur.  As Devil Dinosaur comes to Earth his former compatriot Moon-Boy is seemingly killed by the Killer Folk.  The pair were attempting to keep a magical moonstone away from the Killer Folk.  Lunella befriends Devil Dinosaur and finds in him a kindred spirit.  The two unlikely friends join forces to stop the Killerfolk.

Lunella is an Inhuman who has not yet undergone Terrigenesis.  Once undergoing Terregenesis she could have any number of powers or mutations.  She is not keen on undergoing the process.

She is very intelligent and capable of building a wide variety of technological devices and gadg


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