Who is the Inhuman founder of Hydra?

Gideon Mallick revealed that Obelisk was a gateway to another world that acted as a prison for the founder of Hydra.  The founder Mallick says is an ancient Inhuman.  This is likely the evil entity encountered by Simmons on her stay on the planet.  This entity seemed to have mind controlling or fear inducing powers that caused people to kill themselves when encountered.

Actor Brett Dalton was interviewed by IGN about playing the Inhuman Founder going forward:
As an actor, I’ve more or less gotten to play a new character each season, and it’s incredibly cool and incredibly challenging and fun. But in many ways this is probably the hardest iteration of this character because we aren’t dealing with a “human being” anymore. This is Ward 2.0. This is a human being plus something else, this is a human body being occupied by a creature that’s been around for centuries. In Season 1, it was like “oh hey, by the way, you’re a spy and you have this checkered past.” This is like “oh hey, by the way, your body is being inhabited by something else.” [laughs] So that can seem like maybe a harder thing to pull off. I think we’re definitely doing it. You’ll have to tune in and watch to see just where it goes.

What characters from the comics fit with this profile?  Lets take a look at some possibilities. 


A parasitic organism created by Hydra bears a multitude of similarities to what is being shown on Agents of SHIELD.  Hive is a parasite that can take control of weakened or dead bodies and control them.  This is similar to how the Inhuman Hydra founder can move between bodies and take control of minds.

2)  Phobos

There has been a rumor that Phobos the Greek god of Fear will appear in Agents of SHIELD.  I have no real proof of this it is only a persistent rumor.  Phobos however would fit this role well.  He is an ancient being with fear inducing powers.  He is also from the same wheelhouse of stories that Agents of SHIELD is pulling their characters from Secret Warriors.

3)  Maximus the Mad

The deranged brother of Blackbolt the King of the Inhumans would also seem to fit here.  Maximus has mental powers that could certainly allow him to control people and induce them to kill themselves.  Another check mark is that Maximus has spent a lot of his time in the comics banished or imprisoned by his brother Black Bolt.
However Maximus is not immortal so he would likely not still be alive.  Maximus is also likely being saved for the Inhumans film.

4) Ennilux Capo
Ennilux Capo is an Inhuman villain introduced in the Inhuman series.  There Capo is an anceint Inhuman who has his mind periodically implanted into younger Inhumans.  These Inhumans are effectively killed so the knowledge and leadership skills of the Capo can be passed on.  An ability off feeding or moving through bodies could explain how the Inhuman/Creature is still alive. It could also explain why Hydra has been periodically sending it sacrifices.
The Capo character is also part of the Inhuman series where Lash is from.  Meaning he should be onlimits for their use.

5)  Dormammu

 Dormammu is an evil villain from the Dark Dimension.  Could it be possible that Simmons was not on another planet but in a different dimension?   Dormammu who is devoid of any form of morally good, could certainly have formed a group like Hydra.  This would also help tie the Agents to the upcoming Doctor Strange film.  The one piece that does not fit here is that it is hard to see Dormammu as an Inhuman.

6)  While we are considering Dormammu there are some other Demonic entities that should be considered.
Any of these evil entities are a possibility!


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