Who is Hellcat aka Patsy Walker?

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Who is Hellcat aka Patsy Walker?

Hellcat is feline themed super hero in the Marvel universe.  She appears in the series Jessica Jones where she is played by actress Rachael Taylor.

First Appearance (As Patsy Walker): Miss America (Magazine) 1944
First Appearance (As Hellcat): Avengers #144 (1976


Patsy Walker first appeared in a teen romantic comedy series as an ordinary girl.   Her life begins pretty ordinary. She grows up in a suburban town called Centerville and marries high school sweet heart Robert "Buzz" Baxter.  
Her life takes a sudden adventurous turn when estranged from her husband she becomes an assistant and partner of Hank McCoy also known as Beast from the X-Men.  She takes on a  Cat superhero suit that had formerly belonged Greer Grant Nelson aka the Cat and takes on the name as Hellcat.  After a mission where she fights side by side with Avengers she offered membership.

Instead of joining with the Avengers, Patsy goes to the Saturn's moon of Titan where she is heavily trained in martial arts by Moondragon.  She returns to Earth and joins the superhero group the Defenders.

Occult Work:

Hellcat is driven insane and commits suicide where she finds herself in hell.  In hell she fights in a variety of gladiatorial like scenarios where she masters more martial arts and psychic powers.  Her demonic beau on Earth tricks Hawkeye to returning her soul to Earth.  Once back on Earth, Hellcat begins working on taking out evil occult forces.

Civil War:
Hellcat is one of the heroes who registers during Civil War. She serves as an instructor at Camp Hammond for younger super heroes.

  • Psychic senses - sense mystical phenomena
  • Force Fields - can block mystical powers
  • Can summon her costume at will
    Gear includes retractable claws and grappling hooks
  • Highly trained in martial arts and tactics.  She has trained by the martial artists on the Avengers, on Titan, and in Hell itself.

Jessica Jones show:
Hellcat appears in the Netflix series Jessica Jones where she is played by actress Rachael Taylor.  She is former childstar and model who becomes a close confidant of Jessica Jones.

The Purple Man sends a cop to kill Trish Walker after Trish mentions him on her radio program.  The cop ends up being stopped by Jessica Jones.  Once free from the Purple Man's trance the police officer apologizes and starts a romance with Trish.  However, he hides an even darker secret that comes to the surface as the pair aid Jessica in taking down the Purple Man.

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