Who is Franken Castle?

Franken Castle is a Marvel hero.  He is actually a version of the the anti-hero the Punisher that appeared for a time in comics.

Real Name: Frank Castle

First Appearance of Franken Castle:  Punisher #11 (2009)

First Self Titled of Franken Castle:  Punisher #17 (2009) retitled Franken Castle

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During the Dark Reign Marvel Event, Frank Castle finds himself in a mortal battle with the Dark Wolverine, Daken.  While Frank does well he is unable to overcome Daken's healing factor and in the prolonged fight eventually succumbs to Daken's ferocity.  Daken cuts off both of Frank's arms and decapitates him, killing him.

Frank's body is found by the legion of Monsters who decide to reconstruct Frank.  The group led by Morbius uses the bloodstones to bring Frank Castle back to life.  They hope that with his tactical experience they can create a champion to battle a Japanese group that is killing them.  Frank is rebuilt with a giant powerful Frankenstein like body.  At first Frank refuses to help the monsters but after one of the creatures dies at his feet he changes his mind and helps save them.
At one point Franken Castle flew on a dragon. Yup it happened.
Frank then goes into full on vendetta mode to kill Daken.  He nearly succeeds after luring Daken into a series of traps and then brutally fighting him, in hand to hand combat.  He prepares to drop Daken body into a pit to be buried by asphalt.  As he get ready he is stabbed from behind by WolverineWolverine does  not want his son Daken killed.  During this fray, Daken escapes.

Daken slips away with the bloodstones and Franken Castle and Wolverine agree to work together to retrieve them.  In the the end the two retrieve the bloodstones and Castle is returned through magic to a normal mortal form ending the age of Franken Castle.

  • Elite military, tactical and strategic martial knowledge of the Punisher
  • Super strength
  • Super healing
  • Super durability

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