Spiderverse Murder Mystery on Instagram

People will always tell stories, but how they tell them will always change.  I always admire when people come up with a clever new way of communicating a tale.  Recently, i was delighted to stumble a murder mystery made on Instagram.  What is even cooler about it is that it used the characters from the Spider-Man event known as the Spider-Verse.  I FREAKING LOVED the Spider-Verse!

You can solve the mystery by searching for the tab #SpiderMurderMystery on Instagram.

How it works is that there are a variety of characters from the Spider-Verse and each one has a group of pictures and a short comment that serve as clues.  Follow along with the pictures as clues are revealed and events unfold.

The Murder Mystery was put together by photographer Michael Becker and youtuber Meghan Camarena.  Many cosplay and youtube celebrities took part playing various characters for the related shoots.  The result is a beautiful Murder Mystery unlike anything you have ever seen.





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