Hayley Atwell quit Twitter...Why?


Hayley Atwell quit Twitter...Why?

Hayley Atwell has become a hugely followed for her social media presence.  She has offered the public with the behind the scenes pictures from various Marvel projects.  She has challenged social norms in the public. She has used her hilarious wit to delight millons of followers.

But today if you go to Hayley's twitter this is what you will see:

Many people are asking Why?
It is still not clear as to why Hayley made this decision.  Many people at first lept to the conclusion that she was the target of online bullying.  It can happen to all of us.   Hayley sent out one last tweet assure her fans that it was not do to online trolls.  Instead she says she simply wants to be more present and private.

Look I think we can all get that.  I try to have to give myself digital time outs.  The phone is put away.  My preference is to do this when my kids are awake so I can be an engaged dad.  My accounts and personal fame are....SUBSTANTIALLY smaller than Hayley.  I really can't say what its like to be followed by millions of people.  I imagine at times it is amazing, and at other times tiresome.  In the end of the day no one knows better what is best for Hayley, than Hayley.

Here are Hayley Atwell's final tweets..........




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