Has Garret Dillahunt been cast as Negan?

Dillahunt asks "Who do I look like?"

The show is approaching the point where the survivors greatest menace to date the Saviors are getting close.  Some even believe that the wolf group they have battling is an  offshoot of a larger Saviors organization.  The Saviors have an over the top iconic leader, the nefarious, insane Negan.  Walking Dead comic fans have spent quite a while speculating on which actor could play the role.

It seems that Garret Dillahunt needs to be factored in as one of the top horses in this race.  First he has been followed on Twitter by Scott Gimple (Gimple only follows 300 folks).   Dillahunt himself has been tweeting out some highly revealing tweets that he is both researching Walking Dead and that he has his eyes on the Negan part specifically.

There was the tweet above where he clearly looks like Negan.

There was this tweet referencing Negan's barbed baseball bat Lucille

What do you think? 


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