Captain America: Civil War trailer GIFs

Captain America: Civil War trailer GIFs

Bucky and Cap team up on Iron Man

Bucky laying a heavy blow on Iron Man

Cap chasing Panther chasing Bucky- Its a race!,c_limit/black%20panther%20running.gif

Group shot running - and Scarlet Witch can fly now?

Widow giving a warning to Cap - You will only make things worse

Here comes Thunderbolt Ross taking Falcon and Caps stuff

Falcon is GO!

Awesome take down moves by Falcon
Every Hint and Clue Hidden in the Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Bucky goes Geronimo!

Iron Man and War Machine not looking so good.  No I don't think War Machine is dead.,h_530,w_1280/t_mp_quality/rjbvrqsgigrywyzdqitm/12-biggest-takeaways-from-the-captain-america-civil-war-trailer-726704.jpg

More Cap More CIVIL WAR!

Captain America Movie News!


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