Bizarre battles in Fallout 4

Here are some pictures of some random battles that can occur in Fallout 4.  As you traverse the world you encounter all kinds of weird baddies.  Your settlements are also attacked by raiding groups.  The bad things you can run into can be pretty random and at times very epic.  What can make things even crazier though is when crazy developer use mod crafting tools to set the stage for insane battles and record the results for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Check out this battle put together using crafting tools that pits a huge group of Raiders vs a huge group of Synth in an epic explosiontastic showdown.  The Machines versus the People who will win.

Here is another crazy battle that pits all the Legendary enemies in a crazy Deathmatch free for all.

1000 deathclaws vs 100 Brotherhood of Steel members

A Death Claw makes its presence known
50 Raiders vs 50 Synth
Pesky Deathclaws
A settlement being attacked
Being attacked by lumbering mutants
A Yao Guai or as I call a giant mutated wolfie thing

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