Who is Werner Von Strucker?

Who is Werner Von Strucker?

Werner Von Strucker is a Marvel character who is the son of infamous Hydra head Baron Von Strucker.  Werner takes over Hydra for a very short tenure in the absence of his father.

First Appearance: Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #1 (vol 2 1998)

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Who is Baron Von Strucker?

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Werner Von Strucker is the oldest son of Baron Von Strucker the feared longtime leader of the terrorist organization Hydra.  When Baron Von Strucker is apparently killed Werner steps in and fills in the leadership void.  Unknown to Werner his father was actually still alive but watching from the shadows as his son took command.   Strucker had returned to life due to the effects of the death spore virus.  Werner also takes advantage of the fall of the Kingpin in NYC.  He swoops in using his Hydra assets to take control of former Kingpin territory.  A conference is held in Las Vegas to determine who will take over what from the Kingpin.  During the conference his men kidnap two apparent spies of the Secret Empire.  The two claim to be #4 and #8.   In reality the men are associates of the Punisher.


The Secret Empire catches wind of this and believe that 4 and 8 have really turned.  They send an assassin named Chain Saw and biker gang called the Praetorians to kill everyone in the group.  Werner escapes from the Praetorians attack.
Werner goes to the meeting that is being run by a brown haired man.  In the meeting he is confronted by his fellow Strucker siblings Andrea and Andreas.  They do not believe him to be a true Strucker.  At the meeting the brown haired man reveals himself to be the revived Baron Von Strucker, he uses the death spore virus to kill Werner as an example of his ruthlessness.

Later the super powered vigilante known as Terror steals Werner's corpse and takes his eye.  He uses this to gain the details of what happened at the conference.

Some organization and speaking skills.

Werner Von Strucker appears in season 3 of Agents of SHIELD as Skye attempts to create the Secret Warriors.

Actor Spencer Clark on playing Werner Von Strucker:
"I'm really excited to be on the show because not only am I a fan of Marvel and the Marvel universe but I'm a fan of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was super-exciting to come out and hang out with these guys and to get to be a part of it. I play Werner Von Strucker, obviously his father is Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, who was a Hydra leader. Alexander and his father had a strained relationship but this is his attempt to reconcile the death of his father and sort of prove himself as an individual."

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