Who is Supremor?

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Who is Supremor?

Supremor is a cosmic Marvel character.  Supremor is actually an android that is controlled by the Kree entity known as the Supreme Intelligence.  Supremor has not appeared in the MCU but it is possible he could appear or be referenced in the film Captain Marvel.

First Appearance: Captain Marvel #46

Affiliation: Starforce


The Kree Supreme Intelligence has been shown able to create three different powerful android at a times.  These Androids contain a great deal of knowledge of the Kree Supreme Intelligence but act independently.  Despite their independence they entirely loyal to the Supreme Intelligence.  They are deferentially called Supremor by the Kree.

Supremor resembles the Super Intelligence but has a full body with arms and legs.

 A Supremor served on the Kree super team known as Starforce during the Kree/Shi'ar War.  Supremor was appointed to lead the group.  The group attempted to assassinate Liliandra but was defeated and captured by the Shi'ar royal guard.

Later, Supremor acted as an agent to gather intelligence on the Shi'ar after the Kree Empire was conquered.

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Super Agility
  • Extreme Intelligence from connection to the Supreme Intelligence
  • High martial skills with multiple generations of military and fighting experience
  • Can create concussive bolts from his hands
  • Can use tendrils to absorb intelligence of others

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