Who is Phobos?

Who is Phobos?

Phobos is a Marvel character who is the Greek god of fear.  Phobos is the son of Ares (god of war) and Nox.  He is effectively reborn in new generations after being killed.  The current version is named Alexander and is around 10 years of age.

First Appearance: Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #32

Real Name: Alexander Aaron

Phobos News:
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 (Note:  Continuity wise it is unclear if the first Phobos are the same character or different, it is possible that new one is a reincarnated version, or that he is a younger brother who inherited the powers of the original)

Phobos is kidnapped by the Japanese god by Amatsu Mikaboshi.  Mikaboshi trains and brain washes the young god to be a warrior and agent in his bid to bring down all of the pantheons.  This version of the character is freed by Zeus and Ares.

Phobos then reappears in a different younger form years later.  Nick Fury had scouted at potential super powered candidates that had not yet appeared on anyone's radar.  This list of candidates was called the caterpillar file.  When the Skrulls invaded Fury saw the need to use the list to create a group whose members he could trust.  As the Caterpillars were unknown to the Skrulls they would not have been infiltrated.  Daisy Johnson was given the task of recruiting these caterpillars into a new group called the Secret Warriors.

Daisy Johnson comes to the door of Alexander Aaron who is around 11 years of age.  While he knows that he is the son of Ares he does not realize that he himself has powers.  When Daisy reveals that he is Phobos his fear inducing powers almost immediately begin to manifest themselves.  Phobos helps the Secret Warriors battle and defeat the Skrull invasion.  He continues to be a member of the group post invasion.  He is often scene in the head quarters playing video games.

Ares who did not know his son had been recruited sees a truancy notice from Alexander's school.  He follows his son and Daisy to the base of the Secret Warriors.  He is initially angry about being left in the dark but agrees to allow his son to maintain his membership with the group.

Ares is killed in the event called Siege.  Phobos is later killed by Gorgon who has the godkiller sword.  Phobos is reunited with his father in the afterlife.


The power of Fear
  • Ability to induce fears in people - can cause panic, enemies to flee, shutdown, act irrational or attack one another.
  • Precognition

Certain people have been immune to his fear including Gorgon and Nick Fury who seem to lack the fear necessary to induce any effects.

Rumor is that Phobos will appear in Agents of SHIELD.

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