Who is Mephisto?


Mephisto is a character in the Marvel universe.  Mephisto is a demon who vies for control of the underworld and often has devious machinations on Earth.  Mephisto is based off of the chief of demons in Germanic forklore legend of Faust as well as the Biblical Satan.

Mephisto is rumored to be coming to the MCU as the main villain in the Defenders Netflix series.   The Defenders will see Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist joined forces to take on the master or Darkness.   The series may launch a future of supernatural related characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moonknight.

First Appearance: Silver Surfer #3

Silver Surfer #3 cover

Alias(es):  Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, Mephistopheles

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Mephisto is ancient evil entity that claims to have been created when a supreme being commits suicide and results in creations of a multitude of demons and the infinity gems.  Mephisto claims that he is entirely evil because this supreme being had no sense of good.  Mephisto becomes a ruler of Hell and there rules over many fallen souls and dark entities.

He has played a major role in a variety of storylines in the Marvel universe that include:  Mephisto is jealous of the fire demon Zarathos so he bonds the demon to Johnny Blaze creating Ghost Rider.  For a time Mephisto holds the soul of Doctor Doom's mother until Doom and Doctor Strange manage to free her.

Mephisto creates a son known as Blackheart who has battled many of Earth's heroes.  Blackheart has been a major villain in the Ghost Rider series.

Scarlet Witches children with Vision were actually demonic soul fragments of the villain Master Pandemonium who was manipulated by Mephisto.  The children are effectively destroyed when Master Pandemonium reabsorbs them into himself.  The loss of the children and learning their true origins is one of the factors that drives Scarlet Witch insane.

One of the most controversial actions of Mephisto is his erasure of Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane Watson in the One More Day story.   Peter exchanges his love and marriage to Mary Jane for the health of his elderly aunt.

Mephisto continues to plague the heroes of Marvel as a constant manipulator.

  • Immortality
  • Super strength
  • Shape/ Matter/ Energy manipulation
  • Illusions
  • Memory and mind manipulation
  • Magical skills that are extremely high
  • Extremely high level of intelligence and cunning
  • Mephisto can take people's souls and use them as slaves in his realm.  However, people give him their soul willingly in what is called a pact.
He has been shown to gain power from evil actions and entities on Earth.


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