Thor to appear in Star Wars Force Awakens
In a surprising twist of the shared universe format.  Disney has decided to unite the MCU with Star Wars.  This will begin in the comics with the Star Wars comics then appear in film in Star Wars The Force Awakens and then Thor Ragnarok.

The specifics are not known but Toylab has courted many spies for a longtime.  With this rumor we decided to go to one of platinum level contacts and petulant insider and knower of all Disney mysteries.

Info from insider Buzz:
We tracked down one of our spies within the Magic Kingdom.  For this article we will call him Buzz.  Buzz is the operator of the flying Dumbo ride inside Disney.  Buzz speculates that after Thor's Asgard is destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok a worm hole bridge will be created that unites the two universes.   This bridge will be solidified when a first order Star Destroyer flies into the void fires force charges solidifing the cosmic event in both universes.  It will ineffect be a negative inverse rainbow bridge at light speed.

This of course will lead to Star Wars vs Marvel Super Space War 1, 2, and 4.5
Good ol Buzz doing his thing
Thanks for that great theory Buzz............

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Just joking I started to stumble over some fun fan-made pictures merging together different universe and thought they were fun.

Check out more Universe Spanning pictures:,h_375,w_620/t_mp_quality/patt-star-wars1-marvel-and-star-wars-may-collide-in-epic-video-game-mash-up-jpeg-188696.jpg,h_390,t_mp_quality,w_570/static-squarespace-com-the-avengers-meets-star-wars-in-this-awesome-mashup-are-you-pumped-f.jpg

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