Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gifs!

Here are GIFS from the best moments of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

A feast for your eyeballs!  Cover your eyes Padawans this is for Jedis only.
 3. Kylo Ren and Finn Go At It (Trailer 3)4. Kylo Ren Debuts Cross-Guard Lightsaber (Trailer 1)

5. BB-8, Pilot? (Trailer 3)

 7. The Falcon on Hyperdrive (Trailer 3)

15. Poe Takes Flight (Trailer 1)
13. Kylo Ren Works Over Poe (Trailer 3)
12. Cool-Hand Luke (Trailer 2)

11. Leia Gets Lightsaber (Trailer 2)
10. Finn and Poe Share a Moment (Trailer 3)
8. The Millennium Falcon Roars Back! (Trailer 1)

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