Preview: Deadpool Tres Punto Uno! (December 2015)

Marvel December 2015 cover

Preview: Deadpool Tres Punto Uno! (December 2015)

Deadpool 3.1 is going to focus on a Mexican vigilante named Massacre who has been inspired by Wade Wilson to take up arms.  The one shot will be entirely in Spanish.

I am really excited by this in part because I know tons of Mexicans through my twitter/google+/blog who love Deadpool.   These are people who I honestly met through a shared love of Deadpool.  To me this book is kind of a shout out or a wink from Marvel to those fans saying hey guys we see you.

I don't much about the book other than that.  It is written by Tom Belland who has done a number of Spanish one shots including ones with Spider-Man and F4.  Marvel also has a ton of native Spanish speaking artists.  Not sure who all works on this book but its something to keep an eye on.

I do not know much else about the book but as I learn it, I will share it.


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