Expansion to Force Awakens X-Wing game

There are many X-Wing ships available but still very few ships set in the time preiod of the upcoming Star Wars: Force Awakens film.  I mentioned that one way to get more First Order and Resistance ships was to buy two of the Force Awakens Core Sets.  However, there is now a 2nd way.  Fantasy Flights just announced the first expansion wave for the Force Awaken ships.   There will be two sets in this wave an X-Wing T-70 and a TIE / fo fighter.  These are the same ships that come with the Core Set but each comes with an array of different upgrade and pilot cards.

You can learn about the Force Awakens X-Wing Core Set
Here --> Force Awakens X-Wing coreset

X-Wing Set:

New X-Wing Cards Include
The X-Wing set comes with two new pilots Red Ace .  The set also includes some new Astro-Mechs.


There is also a variety of new ships.  One called Red Ace is designed to work well the Integrated AstroMech card.  Fantasy Flight shows this being used with R2-D2 of the original Core Set.

TIE Fighter expansion:

The TIE fight expansion includes 4 TIE aces including one named Omega Leader that looks pretty good.  It also comes with the Juke upgrade that lets alter a defenders dice when attacking.


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