Who is Devil Dinosaur?

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Who is Devil Dinosaur?

Devil Dinosaur is a Marvel hero who is an intelligent, Tyrannosaurus Rex.  He often appears alongside a fellow hero, the ape like Moon-Boy.

First Appearance: Devil Dinosaur #1 (1978)

Origin Location /Home:  Dinosaur World

Devil Dinosaur News:

Devil Dinosaur Multi-Media:


Devil Dinosaur is nearly killed as a child by a tribe known as the Killer-Folk.  He is saved by a friend named Moon-Boy Moon-Boy is part of a rival tribe known as the Small-Folk.  The fire that was being used against him by the Killer-Folk activates a mutation in Devil.  He grows in size, and his skin color changes from green to red.  Additionally, he becomes more intelligent, and powerful than other members of his species.

He defeats extraterrestrials and visits Earth before returning to Dinosaur World.  He also unites on a teamup mission with Godzilla who was transported to Dinosaur World.  Moon-Boy and Devil join a group known as the Fallen Angels but eventually return to Dinosaur World.

Over the years Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy have many cameos where they are transported temporarily into the 616 universe for a time.  These include meetings with Spider-Man and a throw down with the Hulk.

Secret Wars:
Devil Dinosaur appears as the steed of Steve Rogers in the story Planet Hulk.  In this story Steve Roger's rides Devil in attempt to free Bucky from the Red Hulk and his army of Hulks.

Devil Dinosaur and Moongirl:
A series coming out in Fall of 2015 has Devil Dinosaur teaming up with Moon-Girl against his old foes the Killer-Folk.

Abilities and instincts of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Super strength and durability
High intelligence for a Tyrannosaurus Rex that is equal to that of an average human.


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