Who is Copycat?

Who is Copycat?

Copycat is a Marvel character known for her relationship with Deadpool and X-Force.  Copycat will appear in the film Deadpool (2016).  She will be played by Morena Baccarin the popular Firefly and V alum.

Real Name: Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle

First Appearance (As Domino): The New Mutants #98
First Appearance (As Copycat): X-Force#19

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Vanessa Carlysle is a young mutant prostitute where she meets and falls love with Wade Wilson (Later known as Deadpool).  She has the mutant power of changing shape and can match both other's appearances and their powers.  This makes her power a step up from the average shape changer like Mystique. It has been speculated that Mystique could be one
Wade breaks up with Vanessa when he learns he has cancer.  She decides that she too will become a mercenary.  Using her ability to shape change she is given the mission of infiltrating X-Force and destroying their base in attempt to kill their leader Cable.  She pretends to be Cable's girl friend Domino however she grows close to the team and in the end refuses to carry out the mission.

Copycat and Deadpool's fates meet again as Deadpool is sent in to finish the mission.  Deadpool reveals Copycat's infiltration to the team then blows up the base. He does not realize that X-Force had managed to escape.


She hides out for a time as a twin, and then later as the girl friend of Garrison Kane.  She eventually breaks up with Kane and attempts to rekindle her relationship with Wade.  However, Wade at the time is in love with the X-Woman Siryn.  She takes on the appearance of Deadpool and attack Siryn in the hope that it will sour their relationship.

Copycat is also brought into Weapon X. There the treatments harshly effect her memory.  After she fails a mission Deadpool is sent to eliminate her again.  Wade manages to get a warning to her.  However, Weapon X realizes they are working in collusion and sends both Sabretooth and Garrison Kane to eliminate them.  The 4 battle in a zoo.  Deadpool leaves Copycat in a Gorilla cage where she has shape changed into a Gorilla.  The group of Gorillas then battle Sabretooth together.  Deadpool meanwhile faces Garrison Kane.  When Deadpool returns all of the Gorillas are dead and Copycat is dieing from critical wounds.  She dies in his arms.

Unknown to Wade drips of regenerative blood fall into the wounds of Copycat and heal her.  She becomes an owner of Chimichanga stand that he frequents.  In this role she has interfered in his personal life and even ended one of his marriages.

Copycat is able to copy other people to an exacting level.  After copying a person or animal she matches them down to the Cellular level.  This allows her to copy other Super Heroes powers along with how they look.
She can copy appearance with just



Copycat is a character set to appear in the 2016 film Deadpool.  She will be played by Morena Baccarin the popular Firefly and V alum.

Looks like scene where he learns he has cancer

Wade and Vanessa Carlyle pre Weapon X

Another Wade and Vanessa image - maybe on a date?

Picture of Copycat at what appears a battle location


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