Gwenpool is getting her own title!
Miss Miniver's brilliant Gwenpool cosplay

Gwenpool is getting her own title!

After appearing in various variant covers Gwenpool much like Spider-Gwen took off.  What was really amazing the Gwenpool phenomena is that she was'nt even featured in a comic, just on covers!
Chris Bachalo's variant cover Gwenpool's origin

She first appeared in Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2 cover variant by Chris Bachalo.  This cover started a craze for the character.  The Gwen Stacey / Deadpool hybrid struck a chord with the fan base.  Cosplayers began using her in Cosplays, fans wrote in letters and artists began drawing her.  Marvel noticed it and now there will officially be a .........Gwenpool.

Gwenpool will appear in Howard the Duck #1 (November 2015) I think this will count as her First Appearance.  Then she will appear in a solo series called Gwenpool Special #1 (December 2015).

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