Characters in Luke Cage on Netflix

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Characters in Luke Cage on Netflix

The show Luke Cage is preparing to be filmed and already we know many characters who will appear in the series.  The following characters have been confirmed.

New Characters in Luke Cage Season 2
A couple of new villains will appear in Season 2 including the nearly indestructible Bushmaster and the nefarious mastermind Nightshade.  Black Mariah will also continue to be a thorn in the side of Luke Cage and Harlem as a whole.



Characters in Luke Cage Season 1

Who is Luke Cage aka Power Man? 

Misty Knight
A private detective with as powerful bionic arm..
Who is Misty Knight? 

Black Mariah
 A savy and brutal crime lord in NYC.  Her group has a special scheme to make money.

 Who is Black Mariah?

Cornell Cottonmouth
A super strong drug dealer who crosses paths with Luke Cage early in his career as a hero.
Who is Cornell Cottonmouth?

Willis Stryker
The former best freind of Cage becomes his bitter enemy as they battle on the roof tops above New York City.
Who is Willis Stryker AKA Diamondback?

Former fellow member of the Rivals now foe.
 Who is Shades?

Harlem in the Marvel Universe

Potential Characters:

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is Luke Cage's girl friend and eventual wife.  We know that Luke Cage appears in the Jessica Jones series and it is very possible that she appears in his series as well.
Jessica Jones

More Luke Cage and Defneders News:

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