Agents of SHIELD trailer for Season 3

Agents of SHIELD trailer for Season 3

In the end of season 2 Terrigen the chemical that releases the powers of those of Inhuman descent was released into the ocean.  The show revealed that capsules of Fish Oil were now laced with Terrigen and being released to the public.  Season 3, picks up on this plot point with random people suddenly developing powers.  The Agents begins to seek out these individuals but find that they are not the only ones looking for the.

The Inhuman character Lash was revealed to be part of Season 3.  The trailer gave us the first picture of Lash on the show.  In the comics Lash is an old Inhuman who seeks out new Inhumans and judges whether they are worthy to exist.  Those he deems unworthy he kills.
On the show it is unclear if Lash will be a villain or an friend of the Agents.  My guess is he will be something inbetween.

 Meet Lash next season 3's villain

The new Inhumans?

There was a man shown who seemed to have a fire power.  There are two characters that he could be based off.
  1. Dante / Inferno 
  2. Hellfire 

Marvels Agent of Shield speculation HUB

 Meet Lash next season 3's villain

What is an Inhuman?
More on the Eldrac the Door and Simmons Theory
Dante / Inferno 

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