Who is the Punisher (Frank Castle)?

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Who is the Punisher?

The Punisher is an antihero in the Marvel universe.  He does not have powers but his skills and practical lethal nature make him one of the most feared men in the Marvel universe.  The Punisher has been featured in multiple films and by multiple actors.  In 2015 Jon Bernthal (Known for playing Shane in the Walking Dead) was cast to play the Punisher in Daredevil Season 2.

Punisher was to be promoted at NYCC 2017 but in the wake of the Las Vegas Shooting Marvel began to pull promotions for the show.  It is unclear what presence for the show will remain at the event.

First Appearance:  Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974)

Real Name: Frank Castiglione (Castle)

Moniker:  The Punisher

As a fugitive Frank has used numerous alias(es) including:  Big Nothing, Major Bateman, Ted Bishop, Cliff Callador,  Castigo, Chaloner, Fred D'Amato, Eastman, Charles Fort, Frank Loomis, McRook, Melchior, Joe Rainey, Frank Rook, Richard Rook, Tony Knowlen Ross, Francis Stronghold, Johnny Tower, Dmitri Veilkoff, Frankie Villa, Yousoufian.


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Frank Castle was born in NYC to an Italian American family.  His initial inclination was to become a priest but he found that he was unable to forgive men for the evil they do.  He married a woman named Maria who was already pregnant with his first child.

He then joined the Marines where he distinguished himself and eventually became a Navy SEAL.  He served as a special forces, point man in Vietnam and earned numerous medals including a purple heart.

After leaving the military he rejoined his wife and family in NYC.  They formed a happy family with two children.  Out for a picnic in central park the family witnesses a mafia (Costa Family) execution.  A man is hung from a tree.  To remove them as witnesses the family is attacked, all of the family's members including the children are executed.  Some how Frank survives the execution.  Despite, Frank identifying the culprits  law enforcement is either unable or unwilling to persecute the individuals that attacked his family.  Enraged at the loss of his family and the lack of justice, he goes off the grid, to dispense lethal punishment on the criminal world.

Frank begins to don the symbol of the deaths head on his chest and armaments and begins to use the name of the Punisher.  Due to his vigilantism he is a fugitive of the law.  Other super heroes view the Punisher in different ways some with respect, others with horror, and sometimes as a necessary evil.  He is has both worked alongside heroes, and against them depending on the story.   He has battled the heroes of Spider-Man, and Daredevil.  Frank was shown to have great respect for Captain America and after Steve's death considered taking up his mantle.

Frank has no powers he is an ordinary man.  He does however have a great deal of training.  He does not use many high tech suits, or gadgets but uses a wide variety of conventional weaponry.  He is utterly merciless to those he feels deserve his punishment.
He maintains a rigorous training regime and a balance diet to maintain stay in a highest level of human conditioning.

  •  US Marine Corps basic training
  • Infantry School
  • USMC Reconnaissance School
  • Force Reconnaissance School
  • Sniper School
Fought in special forces in Vietnam
Extensive experience in battling criminal elements and Super Heroes

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Many many guns and weapons:
Commonly uses:

Frank uses a wide variety of Firearms.
  • A variety of automatic and semiautomatic rifles
  • M16 with .223 caliber rounds
  • Sterling Mark 6
  •  9mm Browning Llama
  • .45 caliber automatic frame rechambered for 9mm
  • .223 Derringers

Ballistic knife
Gerber Mark II combat knives

Punisher Films:
  • The Punisher (1989) staring Dolph Lundgren
  • The Punisher (2004) staring Thomas Jane
  • Punisher:War Zone (2008) staring Ray Stevenson
  • Dirty Laundry (2012) staring Thomas Jane (See it Here)

None of the Punisher's appearances prior to 2015 occur within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

MCU Film/TV/Netflix Appearances:

Jon Bernthal plays the Punisher in Daredevil Season 2.  In Daredevil Season 2 a series of mass homicides begin occuring against various criminal groups.  Daredevil finds that the man behind the killing is a highly trained killer named Frank Castle who is seeking vengance for the death of his family.  Both men fight each other but their battle is eventually turned toward a larger battle with the Hand.  At the end of Daredevil season 2, Frank Castle is at large.

The Punisher season 1 is set to begin on Nov 17 2017.

Some of the Punisher will go back to show the time before Frank became the Punisher.  Depicted in the series is Frank serving as a Scout Sniper in the Iraq War.

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