Who is Morgan Jones on the Walking Dead?


Who is Morgan Jones on the Walking Dead?

Morgan is a character in both the Walking Dead comics and TV-Series.  The character appears in the 1st episode only to not be seen until seasons later.  Despite appearing infrequently he has become a very popular character with fans of the series.  Morgan is played by actor Lennie James in the Walking Dead TV series.

First Appearance (Comic):  The Walking Dead #1

First Appearance (TV):  "Days Gone By" (S1 E1)


Morgan is a devoted father struggling to keep his son alive in the Apocalypse and with emotional trauma of the death of his wife.  He runs into Rick Grimes and knocks him out with a shovel thinking he is a walker.  When he realizes that Rick is still human he nurses him back.  Rick is the first living survivor he has seen since the outbreak began.  Rick at this time had just left the hospital and is still confused as to what is going on.  Morgan fills in the major details of the outbreak that occurred while Rick was out.  Both Morgan and Rick being devoted fathers and alive form a bond.  The trio go to the Sheriff's station and get guns for their survival.  Rick then leaves the pair to go search for his own family.

In the comics Morgan is shown celebrating Christmas with Duane where he gives his son a gameboy in an attempt to preserve a sense of tradition and normal life.

Duane is killed by a walker in both the comics and show.  In the show he is killed by his turned mother who he finds himself unable to shoot.  In both mediums Morgan is emotionally traumatized by the death of his son.  In the comics, Morgan keeps his son in zombie form around and even feeds survivors to him to keep him alive.  In the show Morgan simply goes crazy, fortifies himself in a compound with graffiti.

Morgan is found and  recruited into Alexandria.  There he becomes a hardened defender of Alexandria.  At Alexandria, Michonne is immediately attracted to Morgan.  He and Michonne eventually form a relationship.  He is initially hesitant to do so still feeling committed to his dead wife.  He also has  heard the rumors about Michonne and Tyrese.  He also sees himself as Carl's guardian, hoping to make right on the failures of his own son.  Seeing how cold Carl is makes him attempt to give back parts of Carl's childhood innocence.

Michonne and Morgan temporarily break up after he says that their relationship is owed him to make himself happy after being unhappy so long.  She sees this comment as selfishi and ego-centric.

Shortly there after he is bitten by a walker and his arm is amputated swiftly by Michonne.  He is brought to a bed where he talks to Carl about not giving into the darkness.  By the time Michonne returns he has died from blood loss.

Duane Jones - son
Michonne - Girl friend in Alexandria
Mrs. Jones - Wife prior to apocalypse
Carl Grimes - Sees Carl as his proxy son after the death of Duane.

The character of Morgan is generally similar to the comic version.
Morgan is played by actor Lennie James in the Walking Dead TV series.

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