Who is Madame Mask?


Who is Madame Mask?
Madame Masque is a Marvel villain most known for her run ins with Iron Man.  She is slated to be a villain in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD.

Real Name: Whitney Frost,  Giulietta Nefaria

First Appearance (Whitney Frost):  Tales of Suspense #98

First Appearance (Madame Masque): Iron Man #17

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The woman that would eventually become known as Madame Masque is the daughter of Count Nefaria.  Count Nefaria was a longtime powerful Avengers villain and he wanted his daughter to not be a part of his lifestyle.  He sent his daughter then called Giulietta Nefaria to be raised by Byron Frost.  Byron Frost renamed her Whitney Frost and raised her as his own.

She becomes a socialite and becomes engaged to an upcoming politician Roger Vane.

When the Frosts die, Count Nefaria reemerges.  He tells Whitney about her true parentage and says she is destined to take over control of the criminal empire the Maggia.  Whitney at first refuses the offer.  However, when she tells Roger about Nefaria and he freaks out and leaves her.  He wants nothing to do with her criminal ties because he believes it could hamper his political career.  Then without other options Whitney goes back and accepts her father's offer.

She then undergoes extensive criminal mastermind training by Count Nefaria himself.  He teaches her strategy, espionage, criminal workings, and martial skills.  She is something of a criminal prodigal daughter and takes over for her father when he is imprisoned.

Working as the Big M (Leader of the Maggia) she comes into contact with Tony Stark/ Iron Man.  She attacks one of Stark's facilities and as she flees the plane she is in crashes.  During the crash her face is scarred.  She is rescued by the gold obessed villain, Mordecai Midas.  She begins to work for Midas as one of his henchmen.  Midas has her wear a gold mask to hide her scarred face and because of this she begins calling herself, "Madame Masque".

Later she meets Tony Stark and he shows concern for her and is not obsessed with her scars the way Midas does.  She decided to turn on Midas and saves Stark.  While she likes Stark she leaves him because she doesn't want to burden him with her criminal past.  She returns into Stark's life beneath the name of Krissy Longfellow.  They begin a short but happy relationship.  Count Nefaria reemerges however.  He tells his daughter that he is dieing due to attempts to gain super powers.  She tries to help him but in a conflict with him and Stark she is unable to choose between her father and her lover.  In the end her father dies, and she becomes insane over guilt.

She rejoins the Maggia as the leader, now calling herself the Director.

As the leader of the Maggia she becomes known for creating biological / robotic doubles of herself.  One of these doubles even ends up joining the Avengers for a time.  This Masque tells her that the Avengers are good.  In a battle between the Avengers and resurrected Count Nefaria the double Masque is killed.  Madame Masque sees that her father is happy with what he believes is her death.  She is offered membership into the Thunderbolts but refuses.   She leaves to carve out her own path.

She joins forces with the Hood, and Norman Osborn in the Fear It Self stories.  The Hood manages to heal her face, however she still wears the mask out habit, and psychological issues.


No real powers

Has great martial, organization, leadership, and espionage skills
Skilled marksman.

Some scientific skills including robotics

MCU - Agent Carter:
Madame Mask is set to appear on Season 2 of Agent Carter. She will be played by actress, Wynn Everett

EPs Tara Butters revealed the shows classic Hollywood take on Madame Mask;
 "Whitney Frost is a character with a storied history in the Marvel comics, and we’re excited to get the opportunity to introduce her to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,... Inspired by Hollywood icons like Hedy Lamarr and Lauren Bacall, we knew we needed an actor who was classically glamorous and fiercely intelligent. Wynn is both, and we’re thrilled to watch her bring this formidable character to life."

Pictures of Wynn Everett as Whitney Frost aka Madame Mask on Agent Carter:

You may know Wynn Everett from her work on HBO's the Newsroom.  She has also been on CSI.

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