Who is General Hux in Star Wars?

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General Hux
General Hux is a villain in the Star Wars universe that is set to appear in the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  He is played by actor Domhall Gleeson in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Real Name:  Ameritage Hux

Moniker/Alias:  General Hux

Species: Human

Affiliation: First Order

Relations: General Brendol Hux - Father

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General Hux Bio:

Hux issaid to be "overtly" evil.    He is shown with the highest ranking members of the First Order.  He is thought to be the commander of the Star Killer base that is being used by the First Order.  It likely that General Hux is behind pulling together the remnants of the Galactic Empire to form the First Order.

Ameritage's father was a well known Imperial General Brendol Hux known for harshly training the elite Imperial forces at a base on the planet of Arkanis.  There Brendol engaged in an illicit affiar with a kitchen worker who sired Ameritage.  Brendol managed to escape the clutches of the New Republic after the fall of the 2nd Deathstar.  The pair were part of Imperial Forces that fled to the unknown regions of space.  These forces later formed the First Order. While being viewed as weak by his father initially he was highly trained from a young age to be a leader in the First Order. Another high level General Sloane in the First Order tasked young Armitage with learning all of the methods of his father so that they could be continued into the future of the First Order. While often abused by his father, General Sloane forced Brendol to teach Armitage what he knew. In Exchange Armitage was to ensure that the new soldiers would not go after Sloane.

Armitage learned the harsh training methods of his father and put them to use in building the remenants of the Imperial Forces into a powerful military engine of war.  Hux also led the creation of the Star Killer Base a more advanced and powerful version of the Empire's Death Star.

Prior to firing the Star Killer base, Hux addressed a large throng of Stormtroopers.  The imagery of the scene makes it seem that leader is a charismatic, megalomaniac tyrant that is similar to the historical figure Adolph Hitler.  He has a large amount of highly devoted, followers whose loyalty borders upon religious worship.   General Hux is one of the primary leaders of the First Order who serves Supreme Leader Snoke.  There seems to be competition between Kylo Ren and Hux on who can best serve Snoke's vision.

In the events of the Force Awakens the Star Killer base does fire and effectively elminate much of the power of the New Republic however the Resistance is left standing.  The Resistance also succesfully destroys the Star Killer Station.  Hux manages to escape the destruction of the Star Killer Station.

Other members seen in forefront of First Order include Captain Phasma
While not a member of the First Order the Dark Jedi Kylo Ren appears to be allied with them.

He is played by actor Domhall Gleeson in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Domhall Gleeson is known for playing Clan Techie in the film Dredd.

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