What is an Asgardian?


What is an Asgardian?

Asgardians are a powerful, long lived species in the Marvel universe.  Due to their powers and longevity they sometimes are thought of as gods by others.

 First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #85

Location: Asgard

Appearance: Humanoid, with one head, 4 limbs, and 5 filangis per hand/foot.  Have hair similar to a human.

Average Height: 6' ft

Average Weight:  400 pds (They are heavier than humans due to having 3x denser muscle structure).

Powers/Special abilities:  Extremely long lived with highly advanced technology/ magic
Due to having 3x as dense muscles Asgardians are super strong, fast, and durable.  Their dense structure also makes them more adept at using magic than humans.

 The Asgardians are an ancient inter-dimensional race that were once worshiped as gods by Scandinavian and Germanic peoples.  In mythology, the Asgard were said to come from a giant Ymir and his cow Audhumbla.  The cow licked ice revealing the figure Buri.  Buri eventually had his own offspring Bor.  Bor married and giantess and had 3 children, Odin, Vili, and Ve.  The three young gods were amibitous and slew Ymir turning its remains into the Earth and Heavens.

Odin, Vili and Ve faced the fire demon named Surtur.  During the battle Vili and Ve died.  Their deaths were either during the battle or sacrificial but one way or another their power found its way into Odin.  With the power of all three brothers Odin was able to defeat Surtur and he imprisoned him in the center of Earth.

Odin and other entities fathered more Asgardian offspring who began to fill the city of Asgard.  The Asgardians are destined to die in the event of Ragnarok and be reborn.  This cycle is said to feed a group called "Those who live above in shadow."

Odin grew tired of Ragnarok and so sought a means out of the cycle. He mated with the Earth goddess Gaea to produce Thor.  It was the belief of Odin that this Thor could end the cycle that haunted Asgardians for millennia.

The gods of Earth united to fight off a powerful race called the Celestials.  In this conflict Odin created the ultimate weapon a humanoid, metal husk called the Destroyer.
The Asgardians would be faced by many threats that included the Dark Elves led by Malekith, the Jotunns (Frost Giants), Seth and the Egyptian gods, The Dark gods, and many more.  In modern times Asgard has faced threats that have generally stemmed from the machinations of Loki the adopted son of Odin.

Known Asgardians:

Asgardians have been featured in the films Thor, Thor 2 Dark World, Thor 3 Ragnarok, Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron and in at least 3 episodes of Agents of SHIELD.

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Notable Friends and Allies:

Notable Villains:
  • Loki
  • The Destroyer
  • Hulk -
  • Malekith
  • Surtur - Fire demon tied to the legend of Ragnarok
  • Mr Hyde - Used as an agent by Loki

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