Top 10 Ongoing mysteries of Agents of SHIELD

Ongoing mysteries of Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD has had many ongoing mysteries and while some  mysteries have been revealed many continue haunt fans of the show even many episodes after these were started.  Some of these mysteries may be fans seeing things where nothing was intended, other Marvel may have a long term plan on doing something with.  All we can do is speculate and watch.

Mystery #10 New Shows
ABC has hinted at launching other new Marvel shows.   Many questions concern what these shows will be and also how they will tie into other Marvel properties.  At the moment two shows have been confirmed.  Marvel's Most Wanted that will focus on Mockingbird and her ex husband Lance Hunter and an unnamed series headed by John Ridely.

Mystery #9 Will Speedball appear? 
Have you heard of the New Warrior character Speedball?  While not the most popular character he was one of the most zany!  He is also rumored to appear on Agents of SHIELD with even an actor Fran Kranz being mentioned in the role.
Will Speedball appear on Agents of SHIELD?

Mystery #8 Are the Koenig's LMDs?
 Those silly Koenig brothers may be actually be the result of some high level SHIELD technology called LMDs - Life Model Decoys.........or they could just be brothers.

Is something funny going on with Agent Koenig? LMD?

Mystery #7 What does TAHITI stand for?
We now know a lot about TAHITI.  The process of wiping out a persons mind and replacing it with new memories was done a 2nd time in the SHIELD finale on Skye's father, Cal.  However, we still do not what the acronym stands for.  Why is it still secret?  Is there more to the name that meets the eye?
What does TAHITI actually stand for?

Mystery #6 Which villains may reappear?
Many villains have appeared and disappeared on Agents of SHIELD.  Everyone from Whiplash, the Absorbing Man, the Overkill Horn, Graviton, Blizzard, Lorelei could appear again.

Top 10 Villains of Agents of SHIELD

Mystery #5  What kind of hand will Coulson receive?  

At the end of Season #2 Coulson loses a hand in the battle against the rogue group of Inhumans.
He will obviousily replace his hand with something but with what?  Will it be bionic?  Will he grow a new one?  He has all the intelligence and technology of SHIELD at his disposal what kind of hand will he go for?

Mystery #4  Who are Inhumans?
Most people now have become educated on who the Inhumans are and how they work.  However, what many have not thought about is any or all of the characters on Agents of SHIELD could potentially be Inhuman.  Really the only one ruled out is Coulson due to how his hand reacted to the Terrigen metal.  One character in particular to keep your eye on is Glenn Talbot.

 Mystery #3 Super Teams
At the end of Season 3 Coulson and Skye meet to discuss the creation of a new, "Secret", super team.  What team will this be and who will be on it?

Mystery #2 What happened to Simmons and where is she?

One of the biggest mysteries following the end of Season 2 is what happened Simmons.  She was swallowed up by the mysterious Kree/Inhuman stone.  Comments from the new season indicate she was transported somewhere with an alien like landscape.  Where is she?  Also is the stone itself a character from Marvel comics?

Now for the final biggest mystery of Agents of SHIELD..............

 Mystery #1 LASH!
Who is Lash and will he be good..........or bad.  The comic version of the character leaves some room on which way this could go.  My guess is that he will start good, then go bad, then become good again.  Either way he is a big character this season and is sure to generate lots of speculation.

 Meet Season Threes Big Bad Villain..........LASH! 

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