The sides of Captain America: Civil War explained!

 Captain America: Civil War will be the third film in the MCU Captain America franchise.  In Civil War many heroes will be faced with a difficult philosophical decision and end up in different sides in a conflict to resolve the issue.

Why don't they resolve it peacefully?  Because it wouldn't be a Civil War then!

What are the different sides?  Who is on each side?  Read on to find out more.  Beware some potential spoilers are below.

Brief look at trailer for Civil War:

The Side of Order:

The issue faced by the heroes is whether the heroes should be registered and controlled by the government.   The reason for the registration is that super powered individuals can cause huge amounts of destruction and death.  Registration would allow the government to track, control and if necessary contain/ imprison powered individuals who represent a risk.  This side believes that registration can save countless lives and potentially even the world from powered individuals.

This group is led by Iron Man. 

Led by Iron Man:

The Side of Freedom:

In contrast to the side of Order, the side of Freedom believes it is wrong to prejudge any person and limit their freedom before they have committed a crime.   To the side of Freedom this is overstepping the bounds of the social contract a country has with its people.  The registration act creates a negative precedent that could be used to condemn anyone without due process of law. 

This group is led by Captain America.

Led by Captain America:

 What I do find interesting is that typically people have a knee jerk reaction to side with Captain America but many people I find are in real life are more on Tony's side.  The idea of having Government step in to solve problems by just bending individual rights here or there is very tempting and shows up again and again all over the place.

Which sides will each hero be on?  There have been some early reports that have placed a bunch heroes on one side or the other.  The below is how the heroes will supposedly initially start out.  However, do not be surprised if some switch sides.  In particular, I could see Spider-Man switching sides especially after the extra scene in Ant-Man.

Spoilers Below:

Note a few interesting things about these selections.  I think the most surprising thing is that Black Widow is not on the same team as Hawkeye and Captain America.  These are the two characters she has been closest too in the previous films.  Potentially, something has happened that really moves her into Stark's camp.
Another interesting one is Spider-Man.  Spider-Man was mentioned by Captain America in the end credit scene of Ant-Man.  This to me means that he likely switches as some point.  Keep in mind he also switches in the comics.

Black Panther I placed on the side of Order but he may be a free agent in this film.  I placed him on Order though because I think he will be seeking out the Winter Soldier for vengeance.

Nick Fury
Doctor Strange
Wasp AKA Janet van Dyne
Ms Marvel/ Carol Danvers
Wonder Man
Beta Ray Bill
Hank Pym

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