Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

It is no surprise to anyone that Marvel is trying to add a diverse array of female characters.  The question is how good will these characters be.   These moves make sense for the business as the demographics of those buying comics have changed dramatically over the past 10 years.  Those buying comics has moved from 90% male market to something around 60% male.  The success of the Ms Marvel and Harley Quinn at DC has shown the companies the power of having strong female stories.

Some of the new characters will be new versions of prior characters.  This is true of the female Thor and female Blade.  There will also be a female team like the Avengers called A-Force.
As a father of two female comic fans I follow this area pretty closely.  Some of stuff I have liked (or loved Ms Marvel!) others I gave a shot but dismissed (Female Thor).  I am happy to announce that Marvel has revealed another story in this genre that looks very original.  Entertainment Weekly just had an interview with the Marvel team behind this project.

Marvel is going to have a series based off of Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Girl.  I immediately thought this was a brilliant move and the more Ive read about it, the more excited I've become.

First the team lined up for this looks great, Amy Reeder is a writer I've met a few times she is a very talented up and comer.   Reeder had a short stint on Batwoman and is mostly known for her work on Madame Xanadu.  I think this may be Reeder's big break with a mainstream comic. Brandon Montclare who worked on the series the Fearsome Four that I loved. Artist Natacha Bustos. Rounding out the team are editors Mark Paniccia and assistant editor Emily Shaw.

Then the characters in the story immediately draw you in because they are so different.

Lets start with Devil Dinosaur.  Devil Dinosaur is a hero who happens to be a giant red T-Rex.  He fell off the face of the print world but became huge again in Secret Wars.  He and a Secret Wars version of Steve Rogers set off on a glorious adventure in the series Planet Hulk.  This was easily one of the best series in Secret Wars and really served a launch pad to bring back Devil Dinosaur.  Well Devil Dinosaur had a pal back in old 1970s series a little fury hero called Moon-Boy

Marvel no doubt looking for ways to capitalize on Devil Dinosaur's rise in popularity have decided to team him up with a female version of Moon-Boy, called Moo- Girl.  Moon-Girl is kind of a young, intellectual, black girl. I have met many girls who call themselves Blerds  (Black Lady Nerds) and they are without exception all awesome.  It seems like Marvel has now finally created a Blerd hero.  Now considering the success of the nerd Peter Parker, I think Moon-Girl has a very high ceiling and a built in fan base.

The book is also going to be geared toward an all ages feel which I also feel is really smart. Shaw explained the reasoning for this to EW.
"Mark and I were talking about how whenever people come in with young kids, or even just for Mark’s own kids, we don’t have that many publications that we can give to people that have that broad reach,..Generally, we’re skewing a little bit older with a lot of our titles and we wanted to create something that adults and kids could really love, like a Pixar feel. That’s where the tone jumped off for us.”

I think the pairing of Devil Dinosaur and this new Moon Girl is a flat out awesome pairing for an All Ages Book.  Kids love Dinosaurs already so Devil Dinosaur will automatically be cool for them.  Then there is going to be this fun contrast with having this massive Dinosaur and a small girl.  That team up fighting crime in NYC is interesting to me and I think it will be interesting to kids too.

According to the project's writer Amy Reeder, “I think even immediately, when Mark was talking bout the possibility of a Moon-Girl, in my head I had a character that I thought, ‘I would really like to draw something,’”
Reeder compares the character Lunella ie Moongirl to a female Inspector gadget. "only this time, she also knows what she’s doing. Moon Girl is definitely a type of personality that I had in my mind for a long time, that hopefully people can identify with in different aspects,” ...“We all feel isolated or left out at times. So it’s been a joy to try to create something like this.”


What really attracted Mark and I to the original Moon Girl pitch was how Amy and Brendan came to this world... The character lives in this world where people don’t really get her…that her brain just works a little differently than all of the other kids her age really resonated with us, and that idea of feeling sort of isolated and on your own during that very early time of life we thought was really compelling, and could really resonate with a lot of readers. That’s what really gave the story its heart at the beginning.

Amy Reeder

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