Deadpool vs. Colossus
Deadpool vs. Colossus

One of the people that will battle Deadpool in the Deadpool movie is the Russian giant, Colossus.

In Deadpool #18 the merc with a mouth battles Cyclops, Colossus, Domino and Surge and does pretty well in what initially seems like a lopsided battle.   Wolverine believes that Deadpool can be a useful member of the team so the fight is a test of sorts.

Colossus and Deadpool quickly meet in the fray.  Deadpool in fact does manage to take down Colossus.    He headbutts his face into Colossus then spews his own blood down the Russian's throat and unprotected eyes.  This tactic at least immobilizes the seemingly invulnerable giant.

After taking down Colossus he then weasels around until she gets a gun to Cyclop's head.

Colossus vs Deadpool in Deadpool (2016) film:

It looks like Colossus and Deadpool will battle each other in the highway fight scene.

Why do they fight?  I do not know.   Colossus absolutely huge in the brief sequence we have seen from the trailer.   As tough as Colossus looks though do not count Deadpool out.  As seen in the comic sequence above Deadpool finds a way to win.


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