X-Men Days of Future Past Quicksilver Scene


Prior to X-Men Days of Future Past coming out one of the promotion features Quicksilver.  This Quicksilver had longer hair than the comic version and in some sense just looked silly.  Fans reacted very poorly to the new look and many feared that the rancor could doom the film.  However, when fans watched the film there was a special scene featuring Quicksilver that turned out to be climatic moment in the film.  People loved it, and they loved this version of Quicksilver.

Stupid looking Quicksilver

I was one of those fan boys who complained.  I will also admit to be wrong and Quicksilver working out great in the film.  One of the most funny parts about it is that I still think the promo pictures for Quicksilver look insanely stupid. However, in film, it worked, it beyond worked it was awesome.

Here is the Quicksilver scene what did you think of the early promo pictures and of the scene itself?

The Quicksilver Scene:

Who is Quicksilver? 

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