Who is Umar?

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Who is Umar? Marvel Wiki

Umar is a Marvel character that is appears in the adventures of Doctor Strange.  She is an enemy of Strange. She is known for being the demonic sister of Dormammu and one of his rivals in the Dark Dimension. 

First Appearance: Doctor Strange  #150

Race:  Faltine

Umar is a member of the Faltine race, a group of higher-level, energy based life forms who come from a different dimension.  The Faltine typically spawn exact replicates of themselves but some how a Faltine named Sinnifer spawned two new and different children, Dormammu and Umar. 
Amongst the Faltine Umar and her brother Dormammu are something of rebels for desiring physical form. The two new Faltine attempt to try to become physical but the Sinnifer tries to stop them.  They convert Sinnifer into physical matter, killing him. The two became physical in form. The other Faltine are horrified by this and force the two to leave the Faltine Dimension.

The two Faltine enter the Dark Dimension.  The Dark Dimension had been ruled for eons by a group of sorcerers called the Mhuruuks.  The Mhuruuk leader Oldnar was quickly seduced by ideas of the powerful Faltine.  The rogue Faltine showed the Mhuruuks how more between and conquer other dimension.  The Mhuruuks were tricked by Dormammu into opening a gate way to the dimension of the Mindless Ones.  The Mindless Ones are powerful creatures with an unquenchable thirst for destruction they poured into the Dark Dimension and slew many Mhuruuks.  Oldnar was slain by the Mindless ones leaving the Dark Dimension leaderless.  Dormammu and Umar fought a great battle and imprisoned the Mindless Ones behind a barrier.  Another battle was fought as Dormammu and Umar slew any of the remaining sorcerers and then took control of the Dimension. Umar had been weakened in these battles and was no longer a match for her brother.  Dormammu rose to lead the dimension with unrivaled power.

Umar had an affair with Oldnar son, Orini who had become a disciple of Dormammu.  Umar then had a child named Clea.  Umar found that after giving birth she was unable to turn into her energy Faltine form, and now far weaker than her brother.  Bitter at the cost, she wanted nothing to do with Orini or Clea.  Clea was raised by Orini and would eventually become a close ally of Doctor Strange.  She tried to battle her brother, but he easily banished her to a remote corner of the Dark Dimension.

Clea would help Doctor Strange defeat Dormammu. With Dormammu the spell banishing Umar was broken and she rushed backed into the Dark Dimension.  She found the found the Dimension left in chaos with the Mindless Ones having escaped.  She retrapped the Mindless Ones and took control of the Dark Dimension.  She then kidnapped Clea to lure Doctor Strange back into the Dark Dimension but Strange defeated her.

Umar had numerous schemes to try wrest control of the Dark Dimension but generally the dimension returned to control of Dormammu. She has also attacked Earth but is repelled from her assaults by Doctor Strange.

At one point Clea found out the truth of her parentage and wrested control of the Dark Dimension from Umar.  Despite having control of the dimension she desired to return to Earth.  Umar convinced Clea to leave her in charge.  For a time Umar and her consort Baron Mordo ruled the dimension in peace.  However, Dormammu tricked Clea and Doctor Strange to re-enter the dimension and removed them from power.

Vaste magical knowledge and spell casting capability
As a Faltine she had the ability to use her own energy for a variety of effect but this ability was reduced after giving birth to Clea.
Generally capable of such feats as time travel, dimensional travel, energy blasts, size changing, telepathy, mind control, animation,and illusion.

Her powers are enchanced when possession of the Flames of Regency an item held by the ruler of the Dark Dimension.

As of yet there has been no mention of Umar in the MCU.

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