Who is Silver Dagger?


Who is Silver Dagger?

Silver Dagger is a Marvel character that is appears in the adventures of Doctor Strange.  He is an enemy of Strange. 

First Appearance: Doctor Strange  #1

Alias: Isaiah Curwen

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Isaiah Curwen is a reformed criminal who found God and became a holyman.  His holy career was robust and he rose to the rank of a Catholic Cardinal.  Things turned for the worst when Isiah read from a Grimoire called Shiatra Book of the Damned (Another form of the infamous Marvel Grimoire the Darkhold).  The Shiatra caused Isaiah to become a psychotic zealot.  Creating the guise of Silver Dagger, he began hunting down magical creatures, sorcerers and others who he deemed wicked.  In his hunts he would use a large amount of blessed silver daggers as weapons.

Silver Dagger breaks into Doctor Strange's home the Sanctum Santorum.  There he attempts to assassinate Strange.  Doctor Strange in Silver Dagger's mind represents a massive supernatural threat.  He throws a dagger at Strange stabbing him in the back. Strange survives this brutal assault.  During the attack, Silver Dagger kidnaps and prisons Strange's pupil, Clea.  He attempts but fails to brain wash Clea.  The entity of Agamotto reaches out and traps Silver Dagger in his dimension.  He becomes trapped in the dimension of Agamotto and sets about conquering it.  He manages to steal the Eye of Agamotto that for a time he uses as his left eye.

For many years he comes and goes as he escapes from the dimension of Agamotto.  Eventually, he is forced to return his magical left eye to Agamotto who in turn gifts the eye to Doctor Strange.  He battles other heroes including Spider-Man, Ms Marvel, and as always Doctor Strange.


He returns and battles the Werewolf by Night and Marie Laveau who stabs him.  He had attempted to use the Voodoo priestess as the means of capturing Strange but her attack left him close to death.  He is also left for dead after being bit by a werewolf in a battle with the werewolf gang the Braineaters.  His left eye returns around this time without any explanation.

Silverdagger uses advanced martial arts, athletic ability combined with an array of blessed Silver Dagger that can kill many supernatural creatures.  Silver Dagger is highly adept at using the Silver Daggers by throwing them or by using them in close hand to hand to combat.

He is a highly skilled and charismatic leader who can both acquire followers and use them strategically.  He is well versed in small commando tactics and guerrilla warfare.

Silver Dagger is highly educated in magic and theology.  He forgoes the use of magic because because he considers it unholy.

For a time he uses the original Eye of Agamotto as his left eye. This allows him to project an essence of Silver beam that can harm magical creatures.

As of yet there has been no mention of Silver Dagger in the MCU.

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