Who is Mother Bones of Lor Tribe Inhumans?


Who is Mother Bones of Lor Tribe Inhumans?

Mother Bones is an Inhuman character that appears in the series Inhuman as a follower of Lash in the Lor tribe.

First Appearance: Inhuman #3

Affiliation:  Lor Tribe

Species Inhuman

During the Inhumanity Event, King of the Inhumans Blackbolt crashed Attilan into Earth spreading Terrigen Mists across the world and creating many new Inhumans.  Mother Bones is a new Inhuman created during the Inhumanity Event.

She is found by Lash.  Lash finds her worthy of existing and recruits her to the Lor tribe and brings her to Orollan.  At Orollan she helps rebuild the city from the devastation caused by Thane. 

She greets a new Inhuman recruit to Orollan that Lash calls Korvostax (Later to be called Flint).

When the Queen of Inhuman's Medusa attacks Orollan demanding that Lash stop executing new Inhumans she rushes to Lash's defense.  She remains with Lash on Orollan after the Queen leaves.

 Not fully known

Mother Bones can grow bone appendages as spikes and shields.  She is large and very strong.

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