Who is Morgana Blessing? Doctor Strange Love interest


Who is Morgana Blessing?

Morgana is a Marvel character that is appears in the adventures of Doctor Strange.  She is an ally and romantic interest of Strange.  It is possible she could appear in the Doctor Strange film as Rachel McAdams has been hired to play a still unnamed character.

First Appearance: Doctor Strange #48 (Volume 2)

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Morgana began wrote and published a book about Doctor Strange when it was believed he was deceased. She was a longtime friend and love interest of the Sorcerer Supreme.

In one story Morgana and Victor Strange were kidnapped and held hostage by the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.  Laveau wanted Strange to give her a spell called the Vampiric Verses that would recreate vampires in the world.  Strange refused to turn over the spell.  Laveau then attempted a spell to bring back Varnae the first vampire.  Laveau intended to use Morgana as a sacrifice for the spell but Brother Voodoo assistant Babu sacrificed himself instead.  His body was converted to the horrific form of Varnae.  Varnae then attempted to feed on Morgana but Doctor Strange came to her rescue and forced Varnae to flee.

She became a lover of Doctor Strange's brother Victor.  Victor became a vampire and would often feed on Morgana.  He began calling himself Baron Blood and fed off of criminals.  He gradually began losing control and Morgana bought and hid a stake to use on him if he lost complete control.  In the end Victor used this stake on himself as he felt his humanity was slipping away.


She is a skilled Author



Rachel Mcadams has been hired to play a role in the Doctor Strange film.  The character she is playing has been described as  Night Nurse but this may be a ruse.  Certainly, the character of Clea is a possibility along with Morgana Blessing.

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