Who is Clea?

Who is Clea?

Clea is a Marvel character that is appears in the adventures of Doctor Strange.  She is an ally, disciple and sometimes romantic interest of Strange.  It is possible she could appear in the Doctor Strange film as Rachel McAdams has been hired to play a still unnamed character.

First Appearance: Strange Tales #126

Race: While Human in appearance she is half Faltine (Through her mother Umar)

Clea is from the Dark Dimension.  She is the daughter of Prince Orini and Umar.  Prince Orini is the legitimate ruler of the Dark Dimension who lost control due to the conquest of warlord DormammuUmar is Dormammu's sister. Her father Orini becomes a disciple of Dormammu he raises Clea.  Umar seems to lose all interest in Clea after giving birth to her.   Umar's bitterness toward her offspring is in part due to her losing the ability to revert to her energy Faltine form after giving birth.

When Doctor Strange enters the dark dimension Clea appears and warns him against fighting Dormammu.  For her betrayal she is imprisoned by the evil Faltine ruler.  Strange however forces Dormammu to release her.

For a time Clea is Strange's only friend and ally in the Dark Dimension.  After helping numerous times defeat Dormammu she returns with Strange to Earth.  On Earth, Strange trains her in the magical arts within the walls of his Sanctum Santorum  She becomes his prize pupil.  She is kidnapped by the zealot Silver Dagger.  Silver Dagger attempts to brain wash her and in the end she is rescued.   While on Earth Strange and Clea become romantically involved but she leaves, after believing Strange is more attracted to Morgana Blessing.

Back in the Dark Dimension she learns that her mother is Umar who is currently ruling the dimension.  She defeats Umar in battle after revealing to the populace that Umar cares little for them.  The faith of the people shifts to Clea and a reef of fire appears over her head called the "Flames of Regency".  With powers of the flames of regency Clea dispatches her mother in mystical combat and for a time rules the Dark Dimension.  Umar however asks for mercy and claims to have lost the battle from not wanting to hurt Clea.  Clea leaves for Earth with Strange and leaves her mother and her consort Baron Mordo in charge.

A short time later a Faltine named Flyxx appears on Earth and tells Clea that Umar has betrayed her.  This ended up being a trick as Flyxx was really Dormammu in disguise.  Dormammu took back control of the dimension and Clea remained there to lead a resistance against Dormammu.

Clea is a powerful sorceress due both her parentage and tutelage by Doctor Strange.  She knows nearly of not all of Strange's spells being his longtime pupil.

Being part Faltine she can also use energy from within herself as a source to fuel her powers.


Clea has not appeared in the MCU as of yet.

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