Who is Chris Manawa in Fear the Walking Dead

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Who is Chris on Fear the Walking Dead?

Chris is a character on the TV show Fear the Walking Dead a spin off series of The Walking Dead.  The characters in the Fear the Walking Dead have not appeared in the Walking Dead comic series.  Chris is played by Lorenzo Henrie.


 AMC Bio:
 Christopher Manawa is a rebellious teenager with a cause. He has both his father’s do-good attitude and his mother’s edge. The product of divorced parents, Christopher often feels that he and his mother are his father’s forgotten family. He resents his father’s insistence on bringing the two families closer because he wants nothing more than to break away from the Clarks and be his father’s sole priority.

Toylab Bio:
Prior to apocalypse, Chris is the son of Travis a divorcee, school teacher living in Los Angeles.  Nick is described as being very smart.  He resents his father for divorcing his mother, Liza.  The two conflict a lot.  Things get tougher when Travis enters a serious relationship with a woman named Madison Clark.  The couple begins to try to blend the two families together much to Chris's chagrin.
Chris is not fond of Madison's children, Alicia and Nick.

Daniel reluctantly takes in a group including Madison Clark and Travis Manawa into his store.  As riots cause chaos outside the group flees to Madison's house but in the process  Griselda is badly hurt.  It is clear that Daniel has experience dealing with dangerous situations.  He is very unhappy to see soldiers move into the neighborhood realizing he is trapped.  He is the most suspicious of the military and begins spy on them.  Listening to their radios he hears the soldiers mention something called Cobalt.

Ofelia begins to date a soldier named Andrew in order to gain information and drugs to provide to her mother.  The two have a falling out and Daniel ends up capturing him.

Madison works to keep her family safe and sane as they trapped in their house.  There neighborhood is taken over by soldiers.  She also weans Nick off of drugs.  Griselda and Nick is arrested and brought into the military base for being sick and weak.

While at the base Griselda dies.

When Daniel tortures the soldier Andrew and learns that soldiers plan to eliminate their captives and flee the area with all of the resources in an operation called Cobalt.  Travis greatly disagrees with torture.  While Madison abhors the torture she is thankful for the information so that she can save her son.

DanielTravis and Madison leads a daring attack on the base and frees her son along with a mysterious man named Strand.  Unfortunately, Liza is killed during the escape attempt.  They follow Strand to his home where they learn of his plan to sail out to sea on a large yacht he calls Abigail.  At the end of season the group sails out to sea.

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