Suicide Squad Trailer broken down in Pictures

Trailer Description:
The trailer begins with Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, eating a steak dinner with some military guys.  She describes to the men her plan of putting together a group of criminals to do missions.  When asked how Waller will control these "bad people", Waller says making people go against their self interest is her expertise.  She also says that the group gives them plausible deniability as they (government/military) can claim that the villains were acting on their own accord.

 The scene transitions to Belle Reve Prison, where we see the villains in their cells, with Killer Croc strapped down, Harley Quinn in a huge cage in the center of a large room.  She swings on what appears to be a swing or a rope from the top of the cage. When she spots Waller, she asks, "Are you the devil?" We get a look at the Suicide Squad assembling on the street following a massacre at a hospital.  Will Smith voice cuts through saying that they are the Patsees, some kind of "Suicide Squad".   The final scenes were of Harley and Joker in a car chase with Batman . We don't get a complete look at Joker until the end, when he laughs and delivers the line, "I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to hurt you really, really bad."  The last line and views of the joker really got the crowd cheering.

I do not know but part of me thinks the Joker could be killing/hurting someone close to Batman like Robin or Batgirl.  

Both the Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice will launch the new Batman franchise big time and I have a suspicion that the villain in that film will be the clown prince of crime.


Waller discusses Suicide Squad concept with Military Goverment guys

A woman in a cave.  I'm not sure what this is.

Guards approach a cage containing Harley Quinn as she does acrobatic swings from the top.

Watch the Joker-ific ‘Suicide Squad’ Teaser That Blew Away Comic-Con

El Diablo lights a match in his cell

Deadshot hits a punching bag in his cell

Killer Croc being transported on a gurney

Waller walks up to viewing range of Harley's cell.  Harley asks if she is the devil?

An attack by criminals with weapons. One has an eyeball mask.  My guess is these are Joker henchmen perhaps breaking out Harley.

A Deadshot flashback talking to an unknown girl, then him dropping down a rope

Pictures of the  robbery or attack this one is showing someone with a goathead  I think these are the Joker Henchmen.

I think this is part of Harley Quinn's origins she appears to be dressed as a psychitrist

I think this is an inmate hurting Harley, and this may be the same person that the Joker attacks at the end of the trailer.  He looks a bit like Zasz but I don't think it's him.

Echantress in a black pool of water

Group shot of the Suicide Squad walking.


A close up of Killer Croc

A brief cut of two people kissing.  I think this is Captain Boomerang

More Joker henchmen

The Joker walks up behind someone.  Likely the guy that ends up being electrocuted at the end


A flashback of Harley Quinn strapped down.

Katanna in distress

Harley in a car chase with Joker, Batman is later seen on the roof of the car.  Harley says " I hope you got insurance".

I'm not sure what is going on here.  Looks like a guy is being drowned in a vat.  This might be El Diablo in a different cell to restrict his powers.

Cute Harley scene.!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/feature_640/image.jpg

The Joker enters with some electrodes.  He delivers the line:

"I'm just going to hurt you,......really, really bad.."

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