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Jon Bernthal's Punisher reads and tweets

Jon Bernthal has wasted no time reading up on his new role as the iconic Marvel bad boy, the Punisher.
 At his local comic shop he picked a few epic Punisher stories.  One that stands out to me is Circle of Blood.  In Circle of Blood Frank put word out to the street that he killed the Kingpin this instigates a massive turf war as criminals all seek to fill in the vacuum left behind by the Kingpin.  Frank is taught a lesson of how violence can lead to more violence, or create a "Circle of Blood".  The heavy Kingpin orientation of that arc could be used in Daredevil.

Another major story Jon Bernthal was reading was Garth Enis's Warzone The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci.  This is about the Punisher taking down a seemingly endless supply of gangsters from the Ma Gnucci crime family who refuse to go out quietly.

There are also some interesting moments in the Punisher Max title he picked up.  I generally find the Max titles to be a little lacking but Punisher's Max run is the exception to this.  For whatever reason the Punisher thrives in the Max line.  In the issue he has here from 2010 has Frank sitting in solitary confinement cell during a Prison riot and reflects on his family, life and choices.  The story had quite a bit of depth and I could see aspects of it showing up as well.

All in all I would say these were really good picks so kudos to Jon and Hypno comics!

A couple of more picks I would add to this list:  "Valley Forge, Valley Forge" , "Kingpin" (My favorite Max story), "Slavers", also another big one "In the Beginning".

"In The Beginning" is a dark tale where Microchip sells out Frank to the mob and he has to cut through swathes of gangsters.  With Microchip being mentioned in Agents of SHIELD I assume he is out there somewhere.  This was one of the first really heavy serious versions of Frank seen since the 90s. 

 He is now also being drawn as the Punisher by artists like this great one from Garry Brown:


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