Description of Ant-Man mid and end credit scenes! (Spoilers)

Description of Ant-Man mid and end credit scenes! (Spoilers)

Below are descriptions of both the mid credit and end credit scenes in Ant-Man.



This scene Hank Pym shows his daughter Hope Van Dyne a room.  Within it is a suit.  He tells her that the suit was made for her.

The suit is that of the Wasp.  This opens the door for the Hope Van Dyne character appearing in the future as the Wasp.

End Credit Scene:
In this scene Captain America and the Falcon find Bucky trapped in a..."special" place.  Falcon tells Captain America that he knows a guy who can get him out.

Falcon says: "I know a guy who can shrink"

Captain America replies:
"We have a guy who can jump. A guy who can swing. A guy who can crawl up walls"

This scene refers to earlier in Ant-Man where Falcon and Scott Lang meet.  This also seems to be the starting point of Captain America: Civil War.  This also shows that Falcon and Captain America are already aware of Spider-Man who is the second person mentioned by the pair.

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