Best Marvel Cosplay at San Diego Comic Con

Cosplay at San Diego Comic Con 2015

Marvel was not very active on the movie front at San Diego Comic Con.  Marvel Cosplayers were still out in force with some amazing cosplays.

Cap, Song bird, and Daredevil
Some Marvel cosplayers putting in work!

This was a really cool Cosplay team basically the Spider-Verse squad in action.

A Spider-Girl

There were a few Thanos cosplayers walking around.

This Captain Marvel was a huge standout at the Con.  Her Cosplay and all over persona won over fans left and right.

Storm and Rogue

Deadpool was very popular here especially with the movie coming out.
Here is a Deadpool Jafar.

A pair of Pools include an X-Force Deadpool

One of my favorite was this one of the big bad X-Men foe.

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