What is the new John Ridley Marvel TV series? Blade? Ms Marvel? Cloak and Dagger?


Cloak and Dagger announced:
A Cloak and Dagger series is in the works and is set to appear on ABC Freeform.  The show seems geared towards a young adult or teen audience.  This is not the John Ridley series.

Original post:
There are 3 ABC Marvel shows under development right now.  Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and another being helmed by John Ridley.  John Ridley has worked on U Turn, Three Kings, and the critically acclaimed  12 Years a Slave.  So far Marvel has been very quiet on what this show is about, but maybe we can figure it out.

At various points in time Marvel TV has worked on the development of the following shows:
  • Hulk Prequel - reportedly shelved by Jeff Loeb
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Punisher
  • Ghost Rider
  • Blade
  • Mockingbird
  • Ms Marvel
Of the project above I think all our still on the table except for Mockingbird (Merged into Agents of SHIELD) and the Hulk Prequel.

The initial Punisher series was planned for Fox but after the success of Daredevil I think Marvel will look for Blade, Ghost  Rider, and Punisher to all go that route.  With that in mind cross those off the list.

This leaves 2 projects for John Ridley and both look to be right in his wheel house.
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Ms Marvel
Which of these do you think he will do?

I love writer Bill Mantlo and his works in the 80s with characters like Cloak and Dagger and Rocket Raccoon.  Part of me wants to root for any characters that came from his time at Marvel.  However, Ms Marvel - Kamala Khan is such a fresh and hot character right now and target a different comic demographic than almost every other character.  I think Ridley is the perfect guy to work on either project though and am very excited to see what comes of it.

I also think Kamala Khan's Ms Marvel will tie in perfectly to Agents of SHIELD and their Inhuman focus.

 Who is Mockingbird?
Who is Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan?

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