What is Denver Comic Con?


Denver Comic Con is a 3 day convention held every year in Denver Colorado.  The convention fills up the Denver Convention center located in Downtown Denver.  The first DCC convention was held June 15-17th 2012.  It was created to support a non-profit educational group called Comic Book Class Room, its name has since been changed to Pop Culture Class Room.  The event hosts a wide variety of film, comic, game, scifi, horror and cosplay guests every year.

Next Con Date:  June 17th - 19th 2016

So What exactly does that mean:
  • Exhibition Floor - Basically a comic con is a place where geeks of all stripes get together and do geeky things with others geeks.  Denver Comic Con includes a massive floor space that houses a huge variety of vendors, artists, novelists, comic creators, artists and other guests.
  • Panels -  Panels are little group meetings that are hosted by various guests to discuss a variety of topics.  Everything from Fast vs Slow Zombies to how Chris Hemsworth hair looks like could be discussed in a panel.  Many panels also include the release of video game and movie trailers.
  • Cosplay - The floor space of Denver Comic Con is also full of cosplayers.  These are individuals who dress up as their favorite TV/Film/Novel/Comic character.  The cosplayers are often an attraction to themselves. There is a stage where many pictures of Cosplayers take group shots.  There are also Cosplay tournaments that occur during each con.
  • Education space-  Denver Comic Con supports an educational foundation called the Pop Culture Classroom and as such a large amount of floor space is dedicated for education of young children.  There are a variety of kid centric events and activities in this space.  In the first comic con William Shattner famously read childrens books to a large group of kids.
To really understand a con you need to go to one.  For each person it will mean something different.  There are so many panels and things to see such that each person will have a very customized experience based off their own interests.

How big exactly is Denver Comic Con - Answer really, really big

2012:   27,700
2013:   61,000
2014:   86,500
2015: 101,500

I'm trying to find a source of comparison for Denver's attendance in relation to the other Con's.  San Diego Comic Con's site says its attendance in 2013 was 130k+.  I am not sure how many could be included in that plus my guess is a lot!  It looks like both cons in Chicago (Wizard World and C2E2)  are big but smaller than 80k.  Phoenix Comic Con in 2014 was 78k.  Emerald City Comic Con was 70k in 2014.  New York Comic Con in 2014 had attendance of 151k.

My guess is that Denver is now the third biggest con in the US (and likely internationally) behind San Diego and NYC.







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