Secret Invasion Promo Posters - Who do you Trust?

Secret Invasion Promo Posters

Secret Invasion was a storyline where the heroes across the Marvel World had been replaced by Skrull aliens for years in some cases.  No one knew who was a  Skrull and who was still human. The set up was good and well thought out it made for what in my opinion was the Best Marvel Event EVER!


The artist Greg Horn did a lot of creepy Promo posters for the Secret Invasion event that featured Heroes with the face of Skrulls.  The promos were very well done and really promote the underlying ideas of the event.

There were also other posters with an Embrace Change Moniker you can see those HERE

Here is a sample of some of those posters.

Who are the Skrulls? 

Secret Invasion - Embrace Change posters

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