Review - Old Man Logan #1 - Secret Wars

The Old Man Logan #1 Preview is here!

Brian Michael Bendis (writer)
Andrea Sorrentino (art/cover)

PRICE: $3.99

Toylab Grade - 9/10

This is poetry.....poetry in words, poetry in art, converging to say something deeper........and perhaps bleaker.

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Wolverine tales have been hit or miss for the better part of the decade, which is likely why Marvel decided to kill him off.  The original Old Man Logan story from which this story comes from struck a chord in many.  It showed a side of Wolverine that just seemed to strike and hit on his themes at starker levels.   The return of Old Man Logan does not disappoint on this.

The haunted, lone warrior wanders the landscape dispensing brutal justice, in a brutal world, all the while questioning his actions as his world continues to devour itself.  He is a capable man, the best at what he does, but it never seems to fix things in a world that is not very nice to begin with.  He is as lonely in this world as he is infamous.  The denizens can not recall the world as he remembered it, they in most cases were not alive.  He yells at them to be better, to do better, but they stare back at him dully.  He is the only one who remembers and his claws can not fix his world.

How did we got here?

In the world of Old Man Logan he had long ago been brain washed into killing all of his fellow X-Men.  He was driven by guilt to never take out his claws again.  Until finally faced by an evil so great that he broke his vow.  The evil Hulk gang, led by a deranged Banner.  Logan took down the gang of Hulks in a brilliant samurai-tic flash of violence ending the biggest bad in his world.  Now the gangs of the Wastelands are trying to fill the power vacuum and each take control.  This is where the story begins with Old Man Logan confronting a new gang of human traffickers led by a man called Gladiator (Wears an Iron Man helmet) and his thugs who wear Daredevil costumes.  Logan remembers the original Daredevil, and confronts one of the members "Do you know what you are wearing".  He stares back terrified and confused.  Logan is the only one who remembers, the only one left to be offended.

The entrance and battle with the gang of Daredevils is visually brilliant.  The paneling flow is mesmerizing and I spent more than a few minutes just analyzing how they set it up.  In the end of the battle he is shot by a child of the former leader of the gang.  While Wolverine tries to convince the boy he has done him a favor, "Your Free".  He is unsure.  In a Kill Bill like moment the boy vows to get revenge, and Logan says if he will be waiting for him.  The populace look on indifferently, he yells at them to build a better world or he will back.  Their lifeless eyes say that what ever gets built will be just as bad and worse.  As Logan rides off into the wastelands, he knows it too.  He is full of amazing power, violent propensity but is strangely impotent to make a lasting difference.

The confrontation with Emma is brilliant, somber and amazing.  There is one uplifting moment seeing Johny Cage's daughter as she raises the last of the Hulks a little green Banner baby.  This little unit is all that Logan really has as family anymore.

Art to A to R to the T!
Of all the great comics I have read recently, this one is the most visually striking, and absolutely, undeniably beautiful  There are pages with out any words that you will spend more time on than the ones you need to read through.  Big deep images of a brutal yet beautiful world.  Andrea Sorrentino's art is off the charts.  

Secret Wars Tie Ins:
The Story takes place on Battleworld in the realm known as the Wastelands marked on the map below as #31.
He knows his world is ruled over by God Doom and knows other realms exist around his.  He also knows about the Thors (Doom's police force).  When he finds a head of an Ultron bot he decides he must go outside his realm to find where the dangerous robot came from.  This puts him on a collision path toward his realm's barrier and the authorities of Battleworld.

The art in the series is stunning, remember the name Andrea Sorrentino.  Some of the best art I have seen in a long time.  The only thing that has hit me like this recently has been Wytches.

What do you think?

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